Top 100 Property & Casualty Insurance Broker

$400 million in insurance premium volume written and counting...

Do you trust your current insurance agency to keep your business fully safe and secure?

Do you have a risk-management partner who deeply understands your business?

Are you receiving customized and innovative solutions or just cookie-cutter service?

Is your insurance broker proactively maximizing your coverage while
minimizing your premium costs?

If your answers leave you frustrated and unhappy, then read on.

Commercial Insurance Associates

As one of the Nation’s largest independent insurance brokers, Commercial Insurance Associates (CIA) is not a typical agency. Sure, we’re a Top 100 property and casualty insurance broker, but we’re also experts in risk management. We don’t just manage risk, we anticipate it so you don’t have to.

With over $400 million in premium volume written, CIA has the size and experience to be your strategic business partner. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ industries, from agriculture to construction to waste management, so when it comes to insurance, we know what your business really needs.

CIA works with leaders of private companies like yours to limit your exposure, boost your bottom line, and give you something to brag about at chamber of commerce events. How? By offering customized business solutions that help you anticipate and prepare for the array of business risks that your specific industry faces every day.

When you’re covered by CIA, you can relax, focus on building your business, and sleep well knowing your organization is safe.

We’ve got you covered.

Interested in Joining the CIA Team?

Our group of producers, client managers, and client service staff are overwhelmingly self-motivated, committed to swiftly responding to clients, and love what we do. Think you are a good fit?