Comprehensive Insurance for Environmental Experts

Pollution Protection

Does your risk management plan safeguard the world and your business?

Are you protected from contractor is pollution, site specific pollution, and transported cargo pollution?

Does your insurance agent specialize in real estate environments, including brownfield and superfund site placement?

Can your insurance provider offer your company a risk transfer and risk management program unmatched by others?

If you answered no to any or all of these questions, contact us today.

Environmental Insurance

Environmental pollution is an unfortunate risk of doing business for many organizations. But when it happens, our expert team will leverage our long-standing relationships with the large insurance organizations to advocate for you. We will work with them and you to mitigate both present and future risk and control your costs.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA is decades of experience with environmental matters will ensure that we can identify and evaluate your company is risk and work with you to build a customized risk management strategy that covers both your company and your family. We have the size, experience and connections to make that happen.