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Protect the Health of Your Company

Does your business insurance take into consideration the unique risks of taking care of others?

Are you sure that your healthcare professional liability, business interruption, and workers’ compensation coverages are bringing you the best coverage for the price?

Is your insurance broker bringing resources to you designed to mitigate risk and improve your insurance renewal process?

Is your insurance broker keeping you up to date with ways to protect your company against evolving threats associated with cyber liability and HIPAA requirements?

If you have answered no to any or all of these questions, contact us today.

When you take care of others, you open yourself and your organization up to unique risks. Our proximity to one of the nation’s top healthcare centers and our team’s deep understanding of the healthcare industry means that our strategic risk management services will be practical, meaningful, and tailored to your unique needs.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA is 100% committed to partnering with our clients to provide strategic business planning and proactive risk-management consulting that can keep your organization, your patients, and your employees safe.