Private Client

Insurance for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families

CIA - Commercial Insurance Associates

Our team of experienced professionals understand the needs of families and individuals with significant personal assets and wealth. With custom tailored insurance and risk management services, we help our clients obtain the coverage they need to protect their high valued assets and complex liability exposures. We provide services to C-suite executives, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Family Offices, Entertainers, Athletes, and other High-income individuals.

Our Services Include:

  • Homeowners Insurance – For high valued homes
  • Personal excess liability including uninsured & underinsured motorists
  • High excess liability limits of up to $100 million
  • Coverage for jewelry, fine art, and other valuable collectables
  • Auto Insurance – including coverage for antique, collector, high performance, and high value vehicles
  • Motorcycles – including all powersports equipment
  • Recreation vehicles – RV’s, trailers, equestrian, and other recreational vehicles
  • Boats and Yacht – including antique boats, sailboats, and all other marine vehicles
  • Personal aircraft – all types of personal aircrafts and facilities
  • Farm and Equestrian – high value mortality coverage, coverage for farm and ranch operations and facilities
  • Professional Liability Insurance – and additional risk management services


Our Competitive Edge

The CIA Private Client team is composed of experienced professionals who deeply understand the risk management needs of the High-Net-Worth individuals and families we represent. Our team provides unique solutions to protect the high valued assets and liability exposures of our clients.