Innovative Insurance Programs for Landlord Coverages on Leased Locations

Protects Both Tenant and Landlord

Are you having trouble managing the insurance the lease requires of the landlord?

Do you know if your landlord’s insurance meets or exceeds your lease requirements

Do you spend a considerable amount of time on the administration of insurance review and reimbursements

Do you see insurance premium costs varying greatly by landlord

If you are not happy with the answers to any of these questions, please review our program requirements below, and contact us today.

Commercial Insurance for Leases

If you have multiple freestanding retail locations at which you must reimburse your landlord for insurance, our experienced team can work with you to put together a program that benefits both you and your landlords.


Our Competitive Edge

Our insurance experts saw a need to develop a program that offers retail tenants an improved way to manage the insurance they require from their landlords. We work with you to become your strategic business partner, not just your insurance agent.