Superior M&A Risk Management

Protect Your Expansion Dreams

Does your insurance provider have the real world experience to effectively protect your growing empire?

Are you covered in all types of transactions, including mergers, purchases, and sales?

Will your insurance provider walk through every transaction with you from evaluation to contracting?

Does your risk management strategy include both the risks you face today and the risks you all face in the future?

If the answers to these questions give you a headache, contact us today.

Insurance for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be complicated and stressful, but also exciting. Our expert team members have been in your shoes and deeply understand the ins and outs of expansion or contraction. We will work with you to protect your business interests now, during the transaction, and into the future.


Our Competitive Edge

The CIA team is composed of experienced professionals who deeply understand the risk management needs of each industry we represent. We work with you to provide strategic business planning and a unique risk-management program that keeps your business and family safe.