Experts in Recycling Insurance

Protect the Circular Economy

Does your insurance agent approach your risk management strategy with the same high level of concern that you use to protect the environment?

Has your insurance broker been in the recycling business for decades?

Does your risk management program include contract reviews, loss control measures, customer safety and environmental compliance?

Are you comfortable that your current risk management strategy will protect your company as the recycling industry changes?

If you do not like the answers to any or all of these questions, contact us today.

Commercial Insurance for Recycling

The recycling industry has seen unprecedented growth in the last couple of decades. Our recycling practice has been a witness to that growth with over 30 years of experience in delivering risk management services and insurance placement for recyclers. Our practice is built upon real industry knowledge. We will work with you to build a comprehensive and customized risk management plan that addresses your company is unique needs.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA is deep understanding of the industries we protect means that our customers enjoy unprecedented service and comprehensive coverage. Our mission is to be your business strategy partner, not just your insurance agent.