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Protection on the Road

Does your insurance broker work exclusively with trucking transportation and logistic companies?

Is your broker helping you to improve your CSA/ ISS inspection scores?

Does your Motor Truck Cargo policy include comprehensive coverage for all the commodities you are hauling?

Is your fleet being properly represented to the insurance marketplace to receive the most favorable pricing and terms?

Are you taking risk management and loss prevention approach to support growth and long-term profitability?

Are your claims being managed properly and efficiently?

If you are not happy with the answers to any of these questions, contact us today.

With extensive experience, our expert team understands the unique risk management challenges faced by the trucking industry. No matter if your vehicles travel the state, region, or country, we will work with you to design a risk management program custom-tailored to your business needs. We’ll cover your people, fleet, cargo, and property so that you can concentrate on building your reach.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA may be one of the largest insurance agencies in Tennessee, but that doesn’t mean our reach ends there. The long-term relationships with our clients are the reason we’ve written $400 million in premium volume around the globe. Our mission is to anticipate our customers’ risks so they don’t have to. All you have to do is concentrate on building your business.