Excellent Waste Management Insurance

Protection for an Essential Service

Are you comfortable with your business insurance coverage?

Does your insurance broker have experience with all types of waste management including residential and commercial services, solid and liquid waste services, and hazardous waste treatment?

Can your insurance agent assist you with environmental surety bonds?

Is your risk management plan tailored to your specific business needs?

If your answers to these questions give you a headache, call us today.

Insurance for Waste Management

As an essential business, waste management companies serve everyone from individual households to large businesses and municipalities. This means there is risk in large and small ways, from malfunctioning machinery to operator error to government oversight.

Our team of dedicated professionals have a strong understanding of both local and federal regulations within the waste management space. We work with everyone from local, regional, and national waste hauling companies, to landfills and treatment facilities as well as the contractors and consultants who support them.


Our Competitive Edge

CIA may be one of the largest insurance agencies in the nation, but that does not mean we’ve forgotten how we started. CIA has the real-world experience to provide customized solutions for any type of risk management need. Our strategy is to build long-term relationships with every client so that we have a deep understanding of your business and your industry. Our mission is to be an essential business partner, not just an insurance agent.